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Gadget starts out on vacation with Penny and Brain onboard a cruise ship. He then meets chief quimby who has been hiding in the ships garbage bins. Chief Quimby gives gadget his letter of duty as usual and the letter reads *MAD plot to frighten off island natives with by erupting volcano with explosives* If they succeed, they will have the worlds richest diamond mine to take control of* Your mission is to stop MAD from blowing up the volcano and protect the diamonds* This message will self destruct* Gadget then proceeds to throw the letter into the garbage bin and blow up chief quimby* Gadget then gets a guide to take him by boat the island. Once again, gadget fails to know the guide is a MAD agent. He convinces Gadget to go for a swim hoping the crocodiles will devour him. Gadget then goes "go go gadget brella" wanting to keep the sun out of his eyes. Unfortunately his hammer comes out and the crocodile bites that cracking all his teeth and scaring him away. Once back on the boat, the guide steers toward the land, and as he jumps off spins the wheel toward the waterfall. Gadget then yells "go go gadget legs" thinking he's supposed to follow his guide. He then sets up booby traps near the volcano trying to trap the MAD agents, not knowing that the natives frequently tour the inside of the volcano. It's another great gadget mishap. All this time, Penny and Brain have been following along to help out gadget. The MAD agent is driving towards the volcano with the bombs disguised as coconuts. The truck stalls and gadget offers to help push to the village near the volcano. Penny checks the coconuts on her computer book and finds out their bombs. Brain then goes to try and steal the truck. Gadget chases brain thinking he is a MAD agent. Meanwhile they have a huge coconut bomb that they're hooking up in the volcano while gadget hurries back to guard the volcano. He thinks that they're connecting something to stop the bomb and offers to help. While the bomb ticks down and they all rush out of the tunnel. The agents to get away and Gadget to guard the tunnel, Gadget accidentally kicks a wire that disconnects the bomb. He then falls and ends up knocking out the MAD agents. Penny has already called Chief Quimby and he arrives just in time to see Gadget sitting on time of the MAD agent and sees the bomb disconnected. Penny and Brain hid behind a bush while Gadget gets full credit for the mission without even knowing what he has done.

My name is Mike and my e-mail address is If I do end up winning (I wish) I will tell you my mailing address after I'm notified. I'm a huge inspector gadget fan, and you have one of the best pages on Gadget on the net. You're the only person with gadget wav files. Thanks for reading my story.