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This is an e-mail I recieved from Chris Smigliano. He gave me permission to post this along time ago but I was lazy so I know it is alright,

Subject: Gadget/Dr. Claw
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 14:42:45 -0700
Organization: Cybersmith, Boston, MA
Nice page! I don't remember seeing the Kentucky fried chicken spots in
the Boston area. A face for Dr. Claw WAS eventually revealed but only on
two pieces of merchandise. The first was a Gadget Super Nintendo game
(which was a preety good game, actually) The second was part of a
Gadget action figure line Tiger toys put out a few years back. The
figure's face was covered in the package, and he only had ONE claw on
his right hand. I eventually found an uncovered figure in an old toy
store..ironically, his claw was missing. If you Collect Gadget toys, you
may want to look out for:
FOOT-HIGH GADGET FIGURE: posable, removable trenchcoat, pop-up neck and legs, firing hand, plug-into hat posable Gadget hand, mallet, copter,and umbrella.
PLUSH TOYS: Gadget, Penny, and Brain
PVC SETS: sold in packs of two- Penny, Brain,(2) Quimby, MAD agent, Madcat(2) Gadget (3)
BURGER KING KID'S MEAL 4 figures, all with pull-out neck & legs Gadget/copter, Gadget/coat, Gadget/skindiver, Gadget/skateboard
TIGER TOYS LINE; ACTION FIGURES Penny with brain, Dr. Claw with Madcat,
Gadget/snap-brim hat, Gadget/neck, Gadget/arms, Gadget/legs, Gadget/falls apart, Gadget at sea (squirting figure),MAD agent
DELUXE TIGER FIGURES: Gadget/windsail with motorized skateboard Gadget/copter-pull cord and it really flies!
GADGET MOBILE: fits figures and converts to gadget-van
TRADING CARDS: These were marketed as an alternatine to candy during Halloween and mixed with other characters lke Archie. Gadget had about six cards.
COLORFORMS SETS: two- one basic set and another with a puzzle background.
VIEW-MASTER: "City of Gold" episodes
LIFE CEREAL: Gadget watch/hand held LCD game offer. Puzzles and special figure cutouts printed on inside of cereal box
INFLATABLE PUNCHING BAG Gadget w/Brain underwater
HAND-HELD VIDEO GAME; Gadget must collect gold bars while dodging bombs.
TOY PHONE: Plastic Gadget figure spins around when you dial.
THERMOS: plastic lunchbox
SUBWAY RESTAURAUNTS: Four kid's meal-type toys, among them a water squirter and a magnifying glass.
GOLDEN BOOKS: 2 coloring books: Gadget activity book/ Gadget on the moon 2 storybooks: Gadget in Africa/ other titile unknown
SHRINKY-DINKS Plastic cutouts you shrink in the oven. Probably impossible to find by now.
3-D PUZZLES: Frame-tray puzzles with big thick molded plastic pieces. Gadget or Penny/Brain
TRAVEL GAMES: Basically sealed cardboard with opening panels or spinning wheels. Among these where the Gadget memory game and Gadget Disguise kit
(a WOOLY WILLY type of toy)
And that's not mentioning the meumeruos 'LABEL-SLAP' toys (basically any old NEUTRAL toy like plastic handcuffs they can put a GADGET lable as easily as a FLINTSTONES
DR.CLAW TARGET GAME: Shoot the bullseye on his chair and watch his arms spring up
That's all I can remember right now. Good luck with your page.
Chris Smigliano (his address was here but I don't wanna post that!)

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