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I would like to thank the following people
Lpage for the guestbook
Tripod for the FREE space for my page
Anyone who sent me pictures or picture addresses
Anyone who's pictures I took
Everyone who did voices on Inspector Gadget!
Anyone who drew or animated Inspector Gadget!
DiC Entertainment
My mom (for paying for the net access)
Blake (my best friend and fellow Gadget fan.. named many of the gadgets for me)
Anyone who sent me some of Gadget's Gadgets to list
I would like to thank Kevin for providing the German Gadget pic and a few gadgets.
Sean Dwyer for adding gadgets to my Gadget's Gadgets page
Trevor Hess for sending me gadgets.
Erik Gunstad for sending me many Funkified Gadget pics
Chris Meador for sending me the address to Inspector Gadget Drinking Game
The person only know as Dr. Claw for sending me Gadgets to list

Thanks to all of these people
The page would not be what it is with out them

Mail me if you would like ESPECIALLY if you are one of the people who did voice, art, animation, or production work on Inspector Gadget!