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Disclaimer: All characters, save one, are copyrights of DIC entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended. Oh, I have lawyers to protect me from that and to sue... So, what are we waiting for? On with the story!!!

Surprise, Surprise! By Kairi Taylor

Penny, laid in her bed, dressed in her favorite clothes: green pants and a red shirt with a white stripe. Today was her birthday, so she felt a bit excited. She was turning 15 after all and it meant one more year to go until she could drive the Gadget mobile. But as she stared outside the window, her gaze fixed upon the clear blue sky, she had a nagging feeling about today, like it would be something rather strange. "It's probably just me." she said to herself as she sat up to put on her sneakers. The telephone next to her bed rang and as she picked it up, she yawned quietly. "Hello?" she said
"Well, aren't we chipper today" a voice said. "John!" Penny said, in a happier mood than usual. "I see you finally got out of that workshop." John chuckled and replied "Well, it is your birthday and I did intend to get you something nice. Listen, I'll be over in a few minutes, where's your uncle?"
"Down stairs with Capeman." Penny said "Hurry up, I'm bored to death here!" Hanging up, she quickly put her sneakers on and ran down stairs.

"Hurry, Capeman, before she comes downstairs" Gadget said. Capeman, dressed in his usual weird superhero costume, quickly carried a huge box into the kitchen. Nearly tripping up on his cape, he asked "Where shall I put this, Oh glorious one?" Inspector Gadget pointed to the basement and said "Set it up in the basement, with the rest of the stuff. We must get everything prepared for Penny's birthday party." As Capeman went downstairs, tripping as he set foot upon the first step, a small beeping started. Gadget pulled an antenea out from his thumb and started talking "Hello Chief?'re where?...OK, I'll be right there." Gadget opened his refrigerator door and inside was the Chief, pipe in mouth and drinking a soda. "You know the drill already Gadget," the Chief said, kinda annoyed that he has to give it in a refridgerator. Read this." Gadget took the paper handed to him and read "Alert! M.A.D. agents out to get Gadget on niece's birthday. Take extreme care in this manner. This message will self destruct." Gadget crumpled up the message and said cheerfully "Don't worry Chief, no one's gonna put the kabosh on my birthday plans. I'm always on duty." Gadget tossed away the message, which landed in Quimby's pipe and as he walked away, it exploded, scattering food everywhere. "How does Penny put up with him?" Quimby muttered.

As Penny and John walked on the streets of Metro City, John said "Where is Brain? I thought he'd be here with us." Penny shook her head and said "No, he's keeping an eye on Uncle Gadget." Which was ok with her, since she felt like hanging out with John anyway. John wore a black hat, white T-Shirt and shorts. He whistled quietly to himself as Penny's computer watch suddenly went off. She clicked on it as Brain's face showed up on the small video screen. He started barking as Penny said "Huh? Dr. Claw's trying to rob the New Wave Gift shop? We'll be right there!!" Penny grabbed John's hand, which felt weird at the moment and said "C'mon, Uncle Gadget's in trouble!"
"Um, OK.." John said. As John ran with Penny, he began to wonder why he felt funny, heck excited at Penny grabbing his hand. Sure, they've only been pals for 8 months but still...

"The Madmobile's right over there." Penny whispered as she pointed to the back alley. It was an ominous looking vehicle with the M.A.D. symbol on the license plate. John had a small reciever on his ear. "Uh, oh" John said. "Dr. Claw hooked the computer up to a bomb. When Gadget uses the Windows program, it'll blow the place sky high!!" The Madmobile drove away and Penny said "We have to get in there." As they rushed to the front of the shop, 3 agents in black emerged from the door. "It's Gadget's niece!! Stop her!!" they yelled. John pulled out a small ball and tossed it. A thin vapor of gas burst out and put them to sleep. Penny chuckled as they burst through the door. Gadget was in front of a Packard Bell computer as Brain frantically tried to pull him away. "No Brain, I have no time for games." Gadget said. "I'm sure this is what Penny would like."
"Distract him," Penny said to John. He nodded and went over to Gadget saying "Hey Gadget, there's a spot on your trench coat." Gadget saw him and said "John! Penny! Well what a coincidence! A spot? Where?" As John kept Gadget busy, Penny whipped out her computer book and frantically hacked into the bomb's controls. She looked over the counter and saw that Brain had subdued the robber. The bombs controls came into view and within seconds, Penny disarmed the bomb. "Whew, that was too easy." she said "I'll call Chief Quimby."
"Um, John," Gadget whispered "We're holding the surprise party in the basement. Did you get her present." John nodded and whispered "I'll give it to her when the time is right."

The party went as planned, with the exception of Gadget's cake, which was secretly replaced by Capeman after he had dropped it in the pool. Penny stood outside on the porch, watching the sun set. The feeling she had this morning was still with her, and she wanted it to happen. A hand touched her shoulder. She turned and her heart jumped when she saw that it was John, holding a envelope in his hand. "I wanted to give this to you when we were hanging out, but umm..." John was very tense. It was a very exciting moment and he felt weak in the stomach. Penny opened up the envelope and shouted. "Wow, two tickets to see Titanic!" She looked at John, who was blushing and in a instant, she understood why she was feeling weird that day. "So, who are you taking?" John asked. Penny grinned and gave him a kiss that cpmpletely took him by surprise. "Does that answer you're question?" Penny said. As they ran off together to the movies, Gadget loked out from his window and said "Mission accomplished." comments: