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One cool day in the suburbs of Metro City....Gadget, Penny, Brain and Corporal Capeman were spending the day in their backyard of the gadget house when suddenly Gadget got an urgent top secret call from Chief Quimby. After he finished the call and got his assignment from Chief Quimby, Gadget walks on over to Penny, Brain and Capeman. Gadget looks sternly at Capeman. "Capeman, I'm off on a dangerous assignment. Now normally I'd want you to tag along on this assignment, but this is too dangerous. I want you to stay here and take good care of Penny and Brain. I don't know what I would do if I were to loose Penny. She is my favorite niece and VERY special to me."said Gadget. "You can count on me, great Inspector Gadget."Capeman said as he soluted to Gadget. Inspector Gadget kneels down on one knee, looks Penny straight in the eyes and said, "Penny, I've told Capeman to take care of you and Brain. *a tear runs down his cheek* *sniff* I don't know what I would do if I were to loose you and your VERY special to me."he said as he gave Penny a warm, lovingly hug. Penny hugs her Uncle Gadget back. Tears stream down her cheeks. "*sniff* Same here, Uncle Gadget. Just be careful."Penny said. Gadget gets back up. "Be good while I'm away."Gadget said after he got into his Gadget-mobile. After he did, he pulled out of the driveway and sped off. A tear streamed down Penny's cheek. Capeman looks at Penny and asks, "What's the matter, Penny?"he asked. "I'm just going to miss him, Capey."answered Penny. "He'll be back, Penny."Capeman said as he gave Penny a friendly hug. Up in the dark mountains, Dr. Claw was planning an evil scheme. "This plan of mine will not fail me!"he exclaimed. Dr. Claw ordered two of his dangerous mad agent killers to go and make Penny very ill. They got into their plane and started to send a light fog of poison over Metro City. Back down on the ground, Penny and Capeman were playing frisbee with Brain when suddenly, Penny became very ill. Brain and Capeman got Penny back into the house. After they did, Capeman used the phone to call Inspector Gadget. After he did, Capeman looks at Brain and says; "Gadget says that he'll be right home. *sigh* Let's pray that we don't loose Penny."he said. "Reah."Brain said. In the meantime, Gadget had just gotten home. After he parked the Gadget-mobile and got out of the car, he raced into the house. "Penny? Where are you?"Gadget asked. "*weakly*We're up here in my room, Uncle Gadget. *cough*"Penny said. Gadget came upstairs and into Penny's room. When he saw Penny laying there, he sat on Penny's bed right next to her. "What happened, Penny?"Gadget asked. Penny was too weak to answer. So, Capeman told Gadget what had happened. "Capeman, go get the breathing machine for Penny."Gadget said. Capeman went to get the breathing machine. After he did, he gives it to Gadget. Gadget puts Penny on the breathing machine. "Luckily I brought this special medicine home for Penny."Gadget said as he takes the oxygen mask off of Penny. After Gadget gave Penny the special medicine, Penny felt better then before. She still needed some rest though. So, Gadget gave his niece a hug, and said goodnight to her. "Get well soon, Penny."Capeman said. Gadget chuckled. "She will, Capeman. She will. After all, I love her very much."Gadget said. And the three went to bed and Penny had to get her strength back.

The End

by: Michaela Houston

age: 20

grade: graduate student