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These are some questions that have poped into my mind (and the mind of others) durring my 15 years of Inspector Gadget watching.

1). So Inspector Gadget is Penny's uncle right? So who is Penny's Dad (who would be Gadget's brother) or Mom (who would be Gadget's sister)

2). Where in the world did Penny get her computer book? I want one!

3). Can anyone tell me where I can get an operation like gadget had???

4). Who tought Brain to talk?

5). Who is Dr. Claw?????????????

6). Where can I buy self-distructing paper like the kind Cheif Quimby uses???

7). How can Gadget fit all his gadgets in that tiny body of his?

8). Why didn't Dr. Claw have any legs??

9). Why didn't anybody notice the giant MAD logo on the side of every MAD vehicle?

10). Did nobody notice the giant castle Claw had??

11).Why was it always lightning at the MAD Castle?

12). Was MAD Cat ever "fixed?"

13). Where did Claw get those chairs??

14). How did brain get a microphone in his collar?

15). How come Penny was never in school when Gadget got a case??

16). Do you have any questions? if so send them to me and I will post them here

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