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This is a list of the "main" characters in Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget: The clumsy detective with the famous Gadgets which he still hasn't mastered. He often sets of his squirt gun while tring to use his pen or he sets off another one of his mismatches. Gadget lives in Metro City. He wears a grey trench coat, a grey hat (with black hair sticking out of the sides), a pair of brown gloves, and a pair of brown shoes. When Inspector Gadget was just a rookie cop, he was chasing a villan when he sliped on a bananna peel, and fell down a flight of stairs. This of course injured him seriously so he had to get an operation which armed him with all the gadgets! Inspector Gadget is also Penny's uncle

Penny: Inspector Gadget's niece (and her talking computer book) are always the brains behind Gadget's case solving. Penny has blonde hair and green eyes, she wears a red and white striped shirt, green pants, red and pink shoes, and a watch which serves as her communication with her dog Brain, a flash light, and a mini computer (not as good as her book). Her computer book always has all the answers (I wish my comp was like hers *sigh*).

Brain: Brain is Penny's pet dog he is always the one assigned to follow Gadget to make sure Gadget does not get hurt. Brain is a talking tan dog with a white chest and a real scratchy voice and a red collar with a little microphone which he contacts Penny with.

Capeman: Capeman is a little chubby guy that believes he is a (flying) super hero. He is loyal to Gadget but, often times gets in the way. Because Capeman believes he is a superhero he has to dress the part. He wears a red cape, a blue suit (I don't know what to call it), and glasses. (Capeman only appeared in the last season (I think).

Cheif Quimby: Cheif Quimby is Inspector Gadet's Cheif (Isn't it ironic). Cheif Quimby is a man with a brown moustache and many disguises. He always gives Inspector Gadget an assignment in a self-distructing letter which manages to blow up right back in Cheif Quimby's face. Cheif Quimby is always on hand when an arrest of a MAD Agent is needed.

Dr. Claw: Dr. Claw is the man?? who causes all the trouble in Inspector Gadget's life. No one knows what Dr. Claw looks like so all I can say is he wears Metal gloves, a gold ring with the MAD logo on it, a gold spiked bracelet, a black suit (once again I don't know what to call it), and he sits in a big chair with the MAD logo on the back. He has a cat named MAD Cat which he slaps around alot. I at sometimes feel sorry for the cat, but it is just as evil as Dr. Claw.

MAD Cat: Not much can be said for this evil cat. He (she???) is always sits with Dr. Claw. It has a big sinister smile with a tooth missing, MAD Cat's fur is grey and a greenish black color (I think) and the cat is a little on the heavy side.

MAD Agents: I cannot put a certain lable on these characters beacuse they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors they also all dress different. They are the hench people sent to do Dr. Claw's dirty work. Most are male but there are a few female MAD Agents. If you want more complete MAD agent info click here!

These are all the people who do the voices for the show.
Inspector Gadget's voice was done by Don Adams, Dr. Claw's was done by Frank Welker (who also did Brain's voice and MAD Cat's voice), Penny's voice was done by Holly Berger and Cree Summer, Capeman's voice was done by Townsend Coleman, and Cheif Quimby's voice was done by Maurice LaMarche.

this page is still being worked on I will have more detailed character info in the future. JUST HANG IN THERE!

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