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Ok this is the story, I'm sitting around the house bored to tears and it's 3:00 am so I do what anyone would do at a time like this....
screw up a picture of Gadget!
I took this picture and with help from a image making program called "Take One" I funkified the picture and these are what I got:

I kinda had fun doing this so I should be adding more freaky Gadget pictures in the future. If you like doing this type of stuff use the first picture on this page and warp it all you want. Then Send the pic's address to me and I will post it here.

If you would like to download the program I used to make these pictures ("Take One")Click Here.

(The "Take One" download version is a zip file if you do not know how to unzip files then you should click here for "Winzip" it will make unzipping files 100 times easier!)

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