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It was a cool day in November... Inspector Gadget, Penny, Brain, and Cape Man were all spending their vacation with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Donatello and Penny were having a great time with each other. Don showed Penny some of his cool ninja katas and Penny would show Don her computerbook. "I have a computer too, Penny."Don said as he blushed shyly at her. Penny looked shyly back at Don and smiled shyly. Michaelangelo, in the meantime, was in the gadget kitchen making pizza for the gang, Raphael team swim with Capeman and Leonardo would use a sports stop watch to time the two while Gadget watched both Capeman and Raph. Brain giggled each time Capeman messed up. Back over with Don and Penny, Don was thinking of something else to say. 'Oh what else, Don? There must be something that you have in common with Penny. Say something that'll make her smile or like you.'he thought. "Penny, I heard that school was going great for you and all."Don said as he tried to make Penny smile. Penny looks at Don shyly. Penny smiles. 'Oh..' Don feels electricity run through him. 'Oh!!' Don looks down. Don thinks to himself "Oh was..just one smile..maybe she's just trying to be friendly..or..or..*sigh* don't dream's way to painful when it turns out that your dream will never come true.."he thought. "Don, what's the matter?"Penny asked. "Huh? Oh, nothing."Don said as he smiles sheepishly at her. "You know something Don? (takes his hand in hers) There's nothing wrong with being shy."she said. Penny gives Don a hug. Don smiles and thinks to himself "She's found away to win you heart."he thought. He returns the hug back to Penny.

The End

by: Michaela Houston

age: 20

grade: graduate student