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We all know who he is we all know what he puts Gadget through and WE ALL HATE HIM!!!! Dr. Claw is the most evil sinister man on the face of planet Earth but, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE! For 15 years I have sat in front of my TV watching Inspector Gadget all I could hoping to get a glimpse at Dr. Claw's face. I never saw it and now that I am a little wiser and a little older I realize that it's better that way. Think about it, the mystery behind Dr. Claw's face gives the show a little more flavor a little more spice! If you ever had a picture of Dr. Claw to show to me I would sheild my eyes I don't wanna see it!

Dr. Claws most famous quote:

I'll get you next time Gadget, Next time.....

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