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This is a page for all the pictures on my page
The list use to be on my main page but the list got too large!
Gadget and his car
Again with his car
Go-Go Gadget Copter
Magna Glass
Side view of Gadget
Gained some weight huh?
another Penny pic
Go-Go Gadget Skates
an animation with all the good guys (except Capeman)
German Gadget
The MAD Logo
The Inspector Gadget logo
another animation I made (It sucks!)


Gadget entering a MAD establishment
Dr. Claw and MAD Cat
Gadget looking excited
The Gadget family tree
Going fishing
Fixing a light
The start menu from the Inspector Gadget SNES game
PENNY Dr. Claw, and A mad agent
When you loose on the Inspector Gadget SNES Game
A pretty low-quality pic
Time Machine

Click here for warped pictures of Gadget
The Dr. Claw face pic request form

Thats all

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