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Inspector Gadget pics!!

Gadget and his car
Again with his car
Go-Go Gadget Copter
Magna Glass
Side view of Gadget
Gained some weight huh?
another Penny pic
Go-Go Gadget Skates
an animation with all the good guys (except Capeman)
German Gadget
The MAD Logo
The Inspector Gadget logo
another animation I made (It sucks!)


Gadget entering a MAD establishment
Dr. Claw and MAD Cat
Gadget looking excited
The Gadget family tree
Going fishing
Fixing a light
The start menu from the Inspector Gadget SNES game
PENNY Dr. Claw, and A mad agent
When you loose on the Inspector Gadget SNES Game
A pretty low-quality pic
Time Machine

Click here for warped pictures of Gadget

Thats all

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