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Info on MAD Agents!!

Peg Leg Peg-Pirate
Rattlesnake Bart-Cowboy
Professor Spectrum-Reoccuring Villain
Professor DoomCoff-Reoccuring villain-Introduced the Linguinis and Grappler
Sweetly-Spectrum's Assistant-Newscaster-Only appeared once
Dr. GreenFinger-Gardener
The Rat-Thief with super speed power
Dr. Stench-Attempted to rob Fort Knox
The MAD Ninja-Weird Teleporting ability
Waroota-Awesome Japanese counter part of Claw
Dr. Chow-Chinese counter part of Claw
Cuckoo Clock Maker-Swedish nut with gold gears
Nervous Nick Defecto-Turned Himself in-Claw was after him
Robo Gadget-MAD robot of gadget
Jungle bob-safaria agent
Lori Lamar-MAD moviestar
Dr. focus-invented sneezokaa, a wind blast device
Wild Man of Borneo-special hypnotic drug
Wrongway O' Shay-tried to steal blarney stone
Gregor-tried to steal goat giving milk that makes you immortal
Macho Miguel-Spanish master criminal who stole the duck to get a laser weapon
Dr. Dontilus-scientist in Trojan Horse making lead to gold formula
Ricardo-ran Claw's island hotel
Squint-nearly blind counterfiet bill guy
Inky-other counterfiet bill guy
Rick Boulder-heat wave episode-has the two troll sidekicks
Dr. Mongul-Mongolian scientist who made weather control device
Presto Chango-shape changing magician
Professor Venom-controlled snakes
Lapoof-French master thief clothes maker
Pierre Lachop-wood rot Canadian lumberjack
Mr. Flench-bird controller who stole ruby in India
Louis Lane-evil reporter who tryed to trick Gadget
Quiz Master-evil game show host who hypnotize Gadget
MAD yodeler-stupid yodeler. about 3 second air time
Abominable Snowbot-hulking monster robot
Great Wambini-Earth's best magician
Lesser Wambini-his assistant
Dr. Noodleman-surgeon wanting to remove Gadgets gadgets
Dr. Null and Dr. Void-bumbling twin scientists in space
Reginald-english MAD agent
Thelma Popkins-time traveling MAD agent
Monotone-Thelma's sidekick-only seen for 4 seconds
Les Renowned-villains old folk home leader-recruited geezers for Claw
Great Great Grandfather-master criminal hired by renowned
Spuds Malone-geezer with spud firing cannon called red rose
Ringmaster-ran the MAD circus
Amazon Annie-evil jungle mistress
Professor Lasre-created enormous laser cannon
MAD Monk-shrouded robot agents of lasre
Prophet-evil old man making predictions
Labella-kings assaistant in this wierd foreign country where the king looks like gadget
Pete Digger-kidnaps solar scientists for solar cannon to ransom London

This info was given to me by Nozmaking thanks alot!

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